Esports Videographer of the year

Sean "EverywhereSean" Do entered esports in December 2017 by attending my first major event in Dallas, TX. A jack of all trades, I started to utilizing My skills in many ways to position myself towards My goals of breaking into esports. Within 3 months, I joined one of the world's foremost esports organization, "compLexity Gaming". Now I'm doing what I do best and that's being everywhere. At compLexity, I'm acting as both a videographer and editor. I'm co-filming their recurring behind-the-scenes series, Complexity: POV. 


CWL Dallas - ShownomercyGG

Call of Duty World League - Dallas was my first esports event coming back into the scene. I was aware of esports for a long time, but my last attended LAN event was 2013. Within my 5 year gap, I focused on schooling, photography, videography, web development, and social media marketing. I found CWL Dallas by random, and thought to myself if I could utilize my skills into esports. Maybe, I could get a job within the space.  


CWL NOLA - Gone Gaming - eboost - Victrix Pro

After CWL Dallas, both my photography and videography was noticed by Gone Gaming. They took me under their wing and producing content for them and their potential sponsors / brands for CWL NOLA event. 


Halo Orlando - Victrix Pro

After the CWL NOLA event, Victrix Pro contacted me about the Halo Orlando event. Who doesn't love Halo? I started playing Halo when I was younger and dreamed about attending a Halo event. My first Major Halo event, I was working with gaming headset, Victrix Pro #ProAF. 


Microsoft Tournaments 

In between each Major events, I was still hustling and grinding. I found my local Microsoft Store and started regularly attend their Friday Night Tournaments. These small events and my part time job kept me busy until the next attending Major.


MavsGG Tournaments 

The local Microsoft Store appointed me as their main photographer for MavsGaming events. Huge opportunity to network with MavsGaming and any future opportunities with them. Used Photography, Videography, and Social Media Marketing skills.



Found Geekletes by networking with them in the MavsGaming events, it's led by Danny Ray Martin. He hosted many NBA 2K events before the NBA 2K League started. I helped jumpstart his video content with interviews, event and promotion videos.


CWL Atlanta - Gone Gaming - Victrix PRo

CWL Atlanta was my last Major event as a freelance esports photographer / videographer. I returned with Gone Gaming, Victrix Pro, Team Kaliber & nFamousGG this event. Amazing organizations and brand, maybe one day I'll returned back to them. Until then, you can find me @ compLexity Gaming.


complexity gaming: POV 

Past 3 months have been very interesting with all the traveling and new opportunities. I am excited to share this new chapter in my life. I am officially joining CompLexity Gaming as their videographer and working very closely with the Dallas Cowboys and the esports industry. CompLexity ushers in a new era with brand new content! An exclusive look behind the curtain of our entire esports organization as we centralize operations at the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters in Frisco, Texas.